Ability Release Successes

Mar 6, 2020

Here are some wonder wins from a recent preclear on Grade IV (Ability Release).

During the process of the grade:

My postulates are sticking high on the scale! I had the most incredible win in the physical universe today! Yesterday I realized that it would have been better for me to fly back to Atlanta on Wed night rather than super early on Thursday. I looked at changing my ticket but it would have cost nearly $200 so I decided against it.

Today, on break in session after lunch I looked at my phone and saw I had a notification that my flight for tomorrow (Thurs super-early) was cancelled and that I could rebook (for $0 charge) any flight from today through the 20th.

Now I have changed my flight to the actual time I wanted with no charge! I know this was a result of my postulate which is a huge win!

On completing the Grade:

Before starting Grade 4, I was very aware of my mechanisms to make myself right and others wrong. I had a hard time being wrong or corrected. When running the actual process of Grade 4, I realized how much more there was underlying these mechanisms. I also realized how they had become destructive to my survival and others, rather than being helpful.

Having run down the origins of several key mechanisms and blowing the basic postulates that held everything in place, I realized I don’t need to use or be effect of these long-gone solutions to problems and situations. I feel much freer and causative in my thinking.

Thank you to everyone who helped me to get here and through this including my family and my auditor. And of course LRH is brilliant for these simple steps that blow endless charge. I am so glad I have studied the Basics as it helped tremendously with my auditing knowing LRH’s Research.


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