Our Newest Auditor Made a New Clear!

Apr 2, 2020

Brian Phillips just audited Robert Broughton to Clear! The pc had wins every step of the way.

Brian is the newest member of our team and lives in CW. He is a Class 5 auditor.

He is amazing and his pcs love him.

Ever since he  can remember he has always wanted to help people. He is both compassionate and competent.

We are very happy to have him with us as part of our team!

Robert Broughton – Clear  Success Story   March 26, 2020

“I have always known that there was something I had to do this lifetime. When I discovered Dianetics in 1991, I knew that I wanted to be Clear. Little did I know that it would take me 29 years. So many people have helped me along the way. No one can make it alone.

I thank everyone who has ever been a part of my life, especially I thank everyone in Scientology. My wife, I love and respect and thank for all her support for many years.

It feels so good to finally have a quiet  mind. My causation in life has significantly increased. My gratitude and love to LRH for the Tech that allowed me to go Clear.

Special thanks to Abby and Brian Phillips, my best auditor.”



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