The Dog Days of Summer

While a break and change of scenery might be in order, there are many ways to combat the dog days of summer.

Mother’s Day

You’ve heard the old saying, “If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy.” This keeps many children, spouses and adults on their toes, making sure the mother’s in the family get a good acknowledgement, or maybe a nice brunch.

Overcoming Driving Fears

Enjoy this recent success from someone who experienced fears while traveling by car and overcame theme through auditing.

Are You Living the Life You Want?

Spring break has come and gone. Passover and Easter are upon us with summer around the corner. This time of year reminds me how much I appreciate our native ability to break our chains, rise up from a bad situation and recreate our future. Like a phoenix rising from...

Saying Goodbye to 2018

2018 has flown by!  Here we are in the last few days of the month, and as that last day approaches and a new year begins, with it comes – DRUM ROLL – the DREADED NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION. Yeah, you know...the one that sticks part way into January and then you give up on...

Christmas Once Again

It is only a few days until Christmas and the New Year is right around the corner. Wow! This year just seemed to fly by just like those resolutions some of us made at the start of the year. We'll have another chance for that in the near future. I hope that these...

Get Rid of Your Ghosts and Demons

Halloween is upon us. Many people think of bags of candy or horror movies and kids terrorizing the neighborhood with toilet paper and eggs. I've never been much into horror movies myself, but I can understand the game of dressing up to create an effect, and who...

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