Meet the Team

Amy Devoe

Amy DevoeAmy is a highly qualified Auditor and has specialized in overseeing the delivery of Dianetics and Scientology for the past 2 ½ decades and has helped a wide range of individuals in their pursuit of happiness.

She is very well trained on all aspects of the Bridge, from the entrance up and through New Era Dianetics.

She has lived in the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years.

She possesses a strong drive to help people live happier and fuller lives through the application of Dianetics and Scientology principles.

She has helped thousands of individuals improve their relationships, recover from emotional trauma, overcome drugs and alcohol, eliminate mental barriers to success and achieve confidence in themselves and their future.

Ingrid Collewijn

Ingrid CollewijnIngrid is fluent in Dutch and English. She is an Ethics Specialist and a highly trained Dianetics and Scientology auditor. She helps others with morals/ethics and the reason why one withdraws from being of worth to one’s family and/or society, to whatever degree. The benefit of this is a restoration of personal integrity, trustworthiness, competence and the simple joy one used to feel about life and livingness.

Before becoming a counselor, Ingrid was a talented physical therapist—she and her husband own a physical therapy practice in Michigan. Ingrid has three sons who are wonderful young men. She now resides in Florida with her family, but will travel to clients who live out of state as needed.

Sandra Huertas

Sandra HuertasSandra has been helping others for the past decade and a half. She is an experienced Dianetics Auditor that can deliver from basic levels all the way to the full eradication of someone’s reactive mind. She has done a lot of training and can deliver the many specialty actions that are offered on the Bridge. She can assist others in the handling of Suppression and on the subject of Ethics and Morals.

Sandra was born in Colombia and now lives in Clearwater Florida. She audits in Spanish as well as English. She has had much success in helping individuals by administering assists which help the body heal faster. Assists can also be done with considerable benefit on pregnant women. 

Having two sons of her own she is experienced with auditing children and this is something she very much enjoys.

Michael Phillips

Michael PhillipsMichael is particularly skilled in helping people to achieve their goals and dreams by removing various aspects in their life that are holding them back.

Another one of his abilities is to apply the Dianetics technology to help people achieve the state of Clear—no longer having one’s own reactive mind.


Angelika Zimmermann

Angelika is an experienced Dianetics auditor and has introduced many brand new people to Scientology with great success. She has audited people of all ages and from all walks of life—from kids to housewives, artists, business people and doctors.

She finds it very rewarding to help people improve their lives and always strives to help them overcome any difficulty—whatever the area that might be. There is no exception.

Melissa Wattman

Melissa has been counseling for the last ten years. As a childhood leukemia victim, she was pronounced terminal when she was eight years old. With the help of Dianetics counseling she became well and then decided to dedicate her professional life to helping others attain happiness and health. She is compassionate and can calmly work with a family that is undergoing extreme stress and bring them through to the other side. Melissa is also able to supervise the Purification Rundown based on the book, “Clear Body, Clear Mind” by L. Ron Hubbard.

In addition to being able to audit a person up to the state of Clear (Clear is a state of being in which a person is free of the influence of unwanted emotions or painful traumas which are not readily available to the awareness of present time), Melissa has turned hopeless situations around and helped people to get their lives back on the rails. She travels wherever she is needed.

Art Colaianni

Art is a veteran with 36 years of experience as an Auditor and Case Supervisor. In addition to getting people up the Bridge, he is a skilled specialist in debugging you, in auditing or in life. He is a Dianetic Auditor capable of making Clears. He can deliver many of the specialist Rundowns such as Scientology Marriage Counseling and the False Purpose Rundown.

In addition, he is an expert at handling ethics to help one succeed in all areas of their live.

Art has dedicated his life to helping others and finds his greatest joy in freeing of beings from undesirable conditions.

Jori Sullivan

Jori has been auditing since 1969 and has done many thousands of hours of family counseling. She travels internationally, notably having worked in India. Jori lives in the Portland, Oregon area and has three children. She works with teenagers and young adults who can live-in with her and her family while they are undergoing counseling. She also delivers Marriage Counseling.

Jori is able to supervise the Purification Rundown based on the book, “Clear Body, Clear Mind” by L. Ron Hubbard. Jori is qualified to handle all steps needed for a person to attain the state of “Clear®” (Clear is a state of being in which a person is free of the influence of unwanted emotions or painful traumas which are not readily available to the awareness of present time).

Joshua Fair

Helping others is Joshua’s passion. As a very experienced and trained Auditor with several decades of experience in Dianetics, he has helped many achieve the State of Clear.

Joshua specializes in helping individuals succeed in their business by applying a specific tech to the area; helping the business get into a higher condition. This personalized program gives you one on one guidance and helps you through any difficulties that you may encounter.

Anna Paddock

Anna PaddockAnna has been involved with Dianetics and Scientology since 1971. She is trained as a Dianetics Counselor as well as an Administrator. Her main purpose in life is to help others any way she can. She loves working with the individual and bringing him or her to better understanding of himself or herself. Anna has worked as a professional FSM these last 20 years and uses many aspects of the technology to accomplish help and increase the abilities of the individual. Help is her byword.

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