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Abby Juneau Malnati

Abby MalnatiAbby Juneau Malnati is a highly-qualified auditor and business woman who has lived and worked in the Tampa Bay area for the past 13 years. She has two lovely girls, Melissa and Sondra, both of whom have also become trained as professional counselors.

She possesses a strong drive to help people live happier and fuller lives through the application of Dianetics and Scientology principles. Abby did her original training under L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology. She has helped others for over 25 years, audited tens of thousands of hours and is trusted by notable celebrities. She has helped thousands of individuals improve their relationships, recover from emotional trauma, overcome drugs and alcohol, eliminate mental barriers to success and achieve confidence in themselves and their future.

Ingrid Collewijn

Ingrid is fluent in Dutch and English. She is an Ethics Specialist and a highly trained Dianetics and Scientology auditor. She helps others with morals/ethics and the reason why one withdraws from being of worth to one’s family and/or society, to whatever degree. The benefit of this is a restoration of personal integrity, trustworthiness, competence and the simple joy one used to feel about life and livingness.

Before becoming a counselor, Ingrid was a talented physical therapist—she and her husband own a physical therapy practice in Michigan. Ingrid has three sons who are wonderful young men. She now resides in Florida with her family, but will travel to clients who live out of state as needed.

Cara LaRose

Cara has worked as a professional tutor, consultant and counselor for over 45 years using the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard. She is a trained supervisor and a highly trained Dianetics and Scientology counselor.

She has a passion for helping others improve their lives and understands how important a person’s education is to their success. In this regard, she expertly debugs each client’s learning rate and comprehension enabling them to succeed in their studies. As an auditor, she frees them up from the negative chains of their past. She is thrilled to enable them to live happier lives.

Anne Bruce

Anne’s purpose is helping others achieve their goals. In her travels throughout Canada, the US and Europe she has helped hundreds of people overcome the ruins of life by introducing them to L. Ron Hubbard’s personal and business technology.

Anne led the Redondo Beach Life Improvement Center for 10 years helping adults and children conquer barriers and succeed in realizing their dreams. As a personal counselor, her greatest joy is auditing others to attain the state of “Clear®” (Clear is a state of being in which the person is free of the influence of unwanted emotions or painful traumas and is self-determined in creating their future.)

Marlenne Higgins

Marlenne HigginsMarlenne hails from French Guiana. She is a very experienced counselor and counsels in both French and English. She also is an expert in the delivery of the Purification Rundown, based on the book, Clear Body, Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard. Marlenne loves to travel and is very helpful wherever she goes.

Marlenne also brings her sweet and gentle approach to the auditing of children. She has worked with children for 20 years and loves to help families. She has brought peace and calmness to families facing difficult situations. Marlenne can be counted upon to help her clients handle whatever is troubling them. She is always cheerful and will do whatever is needed to achieve the results her clients are looking for.

Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips

Brian is the newest member of our team and lives in CW. He is a Class 5 auditor.

He is amazing and his pcs love him.

Ever since he can remember he has always wanted to help people. He is both compassionate and competent.

We are very happy to have him with us as part of our team!



Jori Sullivan

Jori has been auditing since 1969 and has done many thousands of hours of family counseling. She travels internationally, notably having worked in India. Jori lives in the Portland, Oregon area and has three children. She works with teenagers and young adults who can live-in with her and her family while they are undergoing counseling. She also delivers Marriage Counseling.

Jori is able to supervise the Purification Rundown based on the book, “Clear Body, Clear Mind” by L. Ron Hubbard. Jori is qualified to handle all steps needed for a person to attain the state of “Clear®” (Clear is a state of being in which a person is free of the influence of unwanted emotions or painful traumas which are not readily available to the awareness of present time).

Angelika Zimmermann

Angelika has introduced brand new people to Scientology with great success. She has audited people of all ages and from all walks of life—from kids to housewives, artists, business people and doctors.

She finds it very rewarding to help people improve their lives and always strives to help them overcome any difficulty—whatever the area that might be. There is no exception.

Pam Callahan

Pam is a highly trained professional counselor and coach, specializing in business owners, executives and sales people.

She loves to help find the cause of stress or suppression which often exists and to help put an end to any emotional roller-coaster. She is also expert in the life-changing service of eradicating the stress related to past losses of loved ones. Either approach clears the way to unleash true potentials and develop extraordinary abilities in those she works with.

Melissa Wattman

Melissa has been counseling for the last ten years. As a childhood leukemia victim, she was pronounced terminal when she was eight years old. With the help of Dianetics counseling she became well and then decided to dedicate her professional life to helping others attain happiness and health. She is compassionate and can calmly work with a family that is undergoing extreme stress and bring them through to the other side. Melissa is also able to supervise the Purification Rundown based on the book, “Clear Body, Clear Mind” by L. Ron Hubbard.

In addition to being able to audit a person up to the state of Clear (Clear is a state of being in which a person is free of the influence of unwanted emotions or painful traumas which are not readily available to the awareness of present time), Melissa has turned hopeless situations around and helped people to get their lives back on the rails. She travels wherever she is needed.

Theodosia Kjeldsen

Theodosia hails from Greece and is fluent in both Greek and English.

Theodosia is a well trained auditor and has helped many people go up The Bridge along with her full-time FSM husband.

She resides in Florida with her family, but loves travel and will come to clients as needed. She focuses her efforts on helping others improve conditions in their lives and can deliver a large variety of services.

Erik Bayersdorfer

For the last 27 years, Erik has been dedicated to improving the lives of people of all ages. Whether improving the life of a 6 year old, a collegiate student-athlete, an award-winning artist, a CEO of an Inc 500 Company, physicians, lawyers, teachers, etc., he has ensured workable solutions for far better living. As an international speaker, he has delivered life-improving tools to thousands across the globe. Simply, Erik admires people of all walks of life and is very highly trained to help people achieve their intended goals in life.

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