Life Repair Counseling

If you have ever experienced stress, loss and confusion, then you know they can get the best of you. This is probably not the first time you have looked for a solution. And you may have tried other things in the past, just to find yourself right where you started, or worse. You may have reached the point where you just thought you should accept the fact that this is just the way things are, and can’t be changed.

And maybe, you have even reached the point where you distrust anyone who claims they can help. But, I am asking you to keep reading, because this is about you – the help YOU need – and tools that can help you fight the stress and confusion of those obstacles that pepper your daily life, resolve your problem hang-ups, improve your relationships and yes, brighten your life. The service is personalized, so every Life Repair™ program is different and it depends on you and your needs.

This is roughly how it works:

1. Testing:

• Your 10 most important personality traits
• Your IQ
• Your aptitude (which means, your mental quickness)

2. Interview:
In-depth one-on-one interview with a highly-trained and experienced Life Repair auditor to pinpoint the exact areas of stress in your life. We address the most significant causes first in order to move on successfully with your program.

3. Reading
Next is a short and easy learning program that covers the exact areas you need to address to achieve your goals. This will prove to be useful and effective knowledge that will keep you from making the same mistakes again.

4. Counseling
And of course, you will work with your Life Repair consultant to address past areas of upset, stress, painful loss or confusion using Scientology® Counseling. This allows you to not only get rid of the negative effects of your past, but to look towards the future with a positive outlook and an effective plan to make your personal goals a reality.


“I am a Tampa Bay attorney with my own law office. With the case load and the constant needs of my clients, it is absolutely necessary that I remain alert and sharp at all times. Often I am pulled in many directions at the same time; and in the past I have found myself tired, exhausted, and bogged down from life’s demands.

“Meeting Abby was truly a ‘life-saver’. Abby has helped me to help myself by putting me in the driver’s seat of life! I no longer am riding along with life having a handle on me; but I have learned how to take control and determine my own destination. Furthermore, these lessons are not just a quick fix, but have become part of my ‘ability tool box’.

“Thanks to my lessons, I have become cause over the every-day demands of life, including managing my business, professional and family affairs. Today I feel more balanced, happy, and in control.” – SY


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