A Great Marriage Counseling Success

Feb 11, 2020

“My husband and I just finished the Marriage Counseling and it was fabulous! Prior to starting, the chances of our marriage breaking up were very high. I decided to go through with it with our auditor so that I could make a rational, sound decision regarding whether I would continue with this marriage or choose divorce. It was a very emotional time throughout the process but then things shifted and it became very uplifting. Tears of sorrow became tears of joy!

“What had become broken became repaired. It was amazing and transformational! The love between my husband and I has been restored and is at a heightened level. Our love is stronger and now we are looking at building our future together and to create, to love and enjoy each other.

“I want to thank my auditor Angelika for her patience and for getting us through this successfully and to Abby for being our guiding force and shining light. We couldn’t have done this without the love and support of both of you.This process is so effective it is hard to believe that in 5 days we have gotten to this wonderful place. My heart is full of love and joy and I am so looking forward to the future with my husband.” — CR


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