The Dog Days of Summer

Jul 16, 2019

The heat is on…

With summer in full swing, it is tempting to back off and slow down the pace and go into vacation mode. High temperatures bring out the beast in many of us. You might find yourself engaged in an overheated conversation or caught up with a pack of bored kids trying to get into trouble. Whether you are facing a roomful of rowdy people, dehydration or just plain restimulation, it is time to take action.

While a break and change of scenery might be in order, there are many ways to combat the dog days of summer. On the really hot days, even a cold drink or an air conditioned room might be enough to lift your mood. Whatever it is, make sure any physical discomfort is handled so you have freed up attention to spend on the important things.

Here are a few tips to get back into communication with your environment, those around you or with those who are giving you are hard time.

  • Do something fun. Pick a “free” day and get agreement from your friends or family on some activity or hobby you all share in common. Summer provides opportunities to explore air conditioned activities as it might be too darned hot to spend the day outside.
  • Go to a museum or a bowling alley. Play a game at an arcade or go indoor skydiving. See a movie. If you love the water, you can go to the beach or a water park.
  • Tackle an undone task. Maybe it is writing that letter or email you’ve been meaning to do. Or clean out a closet. Or find the perfect gift for someone special. Or sign up for a course or read that book you’ve been thinking about.
  • Get creative. Take an art class. Find a new favorite color. Paint a room or an old piece of furniture. Rearrange a room. Tell a story or make one up.
  • Find something or someone to admire. Pay someone a compliment. There are lots of people who work hard and never get acknowledged. Next time you go to a restaurant or get a cup of coffee, notice something nice about the people around you. Brighten someone’s day. Outflow.
  • Help someone in need. Donate something to a school. Take your elderly neighbor’s trashcan in for them. Do an errand for a friend. There are people you might know who need special care or a little extra hand-holding. Let them know you care and tell them about us. We can help. We specialize in personalized, one-on-one service. We’ll take care of you or your friends or family.

Do any one of these things and you’ll feel better. And you might even make new friends.

Call me today and let’s get you and your partner or a family member the help you have been looking for! I want to hear from you.

Love, Abby


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