Welcome to Spring, Folks!

Apr 11, 2020

It seems the first days of Spring have whizzed right past us and we’re nearly half way through April. This may not be your typical Spring.

Some of you have been preoccupied with working or staying at home, restricted travel or handling a few barriers you might be experiencing and some have adjusted quickly with new routines. LRH said, “Oddly enough, man thrives only in the presence of a challenging environment.” We can take the challenge and use this time to refocus on what is important to each of us. Be it forward progress on the Bridge®, creating a happy family, a successful business or career or any number of goals, now is a good time to pour the coals on and not get distracted by environmental noise.

Spring, Passover, Easter..are all reminders to celebrate life and tackle the world at hand. And sprinkle in some fun while you’re at it!

Every Scientologist is capable of bringing calmness into an area, and if you don’t know how to do this or need help, give me a call.

Love, Abby


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