Problems Release Success

Jan 22, 2020

My Grade 1 (Problems Release) Success Story is a self validating exercise in how I have always been able to understand, assimilate, dissect and solve problems. It has always been my strength and I have been able to apply it historically in my educational studies and in my profession, which has allowed me to earn a livelihood for the last 35 years plus. This process was unique in that it has allowed me to zero in on those areas of my life where I have occasionally encountered problems due to habitual patterns, fixed beliefs, false beliefs and just not being aware of other solution options. This process has brought these to my attention and not in a subtle way. Its been a revelation to see the role that communication breakdown has played in the manifestation of such problems.

During such problems, time pressures have been in force, convincing me or pushing me to “shoot from the hip” and respond without looking at all the data that was available to me. It has allowed me to understand how to communicate a position that will buy me time to do a more thorough and diligent review prior to a response. It has allowed me to find those powers that do reside inside of me that can communicate clearly my need for more time, data or whatever it is that I need to fulfill my responsibility. It has allowed me to see how powerful it is to truly confront a situation and not shy away just because I either think I may know how to proceed or that I feel compelled and pressured to proceed (and risk peril).

The process has allowed me to understand the power of confront and how it can lead to a greater joy of learning and applying in areas that have been the source of past anxieties, frustrations and avoidance. The process has instilled a great respect for my abilities to learn, and communicate with others — whether it means “hashing something out,” “asking for help,” or just inviting someone to come a long and have fun doing something new. Or both of us having fun or even having the confidence, motivational desire and intent to create a calm, organized space where I can excel, learn and flourish even more than before. This ability to create an environment that can effectively solve problems, also in present time, is a wonderful way of keeping problems away or under tight control in the first place.

These principles of communication, confronting and creating are effective in all potential problems flow paths — with another, with others , with myself or another/others with me. The last exercise in the process was especially revelatory in that with the awareness acquired, I can be and exist almost anywhere and that I can create remotely from any place, and with today’s technology this can be exercised with relative ease compared to a generation ago.

I have always been able to solve problems, make them vanish, welcome them with open arms and cherish the opportunity for resolution. This ability was slowly beaten down and compromised as life happened, and as incidents that ‘ignite’ the reactive mind came about.

I see this now ever so clearly and understand why problems soared, as reactivity grew and as communication, confront and creativity weakened. That can and will stop now for I hold and have always had the true abilities to solve any problem and make them go away.



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