Overcoming Driving Fears

May 11, 2019

Here is a recent success story you might enjoy. Everyday troubles really can be handled.

“This was an interesting couple of days which started with a strong bias toward heavy traffic on highways travelling at great speed, large bridges over massive vast bodies of water, a specific vehicle and pre-conceived thoughts on what a vehicle should be. This experience with Angelika can be considered transformational, in that it shifted and changed my way of biased thinking.

“I have for a long time feared and avoided driving in some situations; thinking of “bad things” that could occur. I would be anxious and fearful and often times get extremely agitated in heavy traffic. I did not feel agitated or anxious during my drive yesterday.

“This process helped me review my thoughts on what Havingness meant and although all these things of what a car “OUGHT” to be are very nice and helpful and certainly can make a trip more enjoyable, that they are not always a necessary part of being able to get to where I want to go.

“The auditing and processes helped me to realize that staying and being in present time is the road to a stable, enjoyable and safe journey.

“Staying in P.T. and enjoying the moment, the people I am with, the beautiful scenery and certainly the thoughts and images that lead to a stable, certain and enjoyable journey.

“The process reminds me of how important it is to stay in present time as part of always creating a stable and happy NOW.” — GV


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