Happiness Rundown Success

Sep 2, 2019

Here is a recent success story you might enjoy. Happiness is possible!

“The Happiness Rundown was like a roller coaster of joy and learning.

“Plunging into the false data that was at the root of past transgressions and reaching the heights and excitement in realizing all the good people and circumstances that have enveloped my life. This made me realize the actions, harmful actions that I was doing, often unaware, and the profound negative influences that they had on those I care about and most importantly the impact that these actions had on the growth and progression of my happiness.

“Along with increased awareness came the realization of exerting the precepts in all areas and all dynamics of my life; and not just in one area as I so erroneously believed.

“The Happiness Rundown, above all, has opened up my heart, mind and soul to so many areas of my life. It has opened me up to so many, if not all people whose previous inhibited communication was not allowed to flow freely back and forth. It has allowed me to create much joy and happiness in all my dynamics.

“Keeping the virtues in line to define my boundaries that define the high road that I will take during my travels assures me of long term happiness that will last forever and that will be a positive influence to all of those in my life. Staying on the high road and not veering off is the Way to Happiness and it is the road that I travel now and those I love and care for will always be with my on this wonderful journey.

“This truly was an inspiring and amazing experience! Uplifting and fully of clarity in knowing the choices, next steps and actions to take to continue with happiness in this existence.” — AJ


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