Get Rid of Your Ghosts and Demons

Oct 29, 2018

Halloween is upon us. Many people think of bags of candy or horror movies and kids terrorizing the neighborhood with toilet paper and eggs. I’ve never been much into horror movies myself, but I can understand the game of dressing up to create an effect, and who doesn’t like candy!

Television and the movies this time of year are filled with wild stories that would make anyone shake in their boots, whether it is a horror movie or the news.

There are those among us who are living a horror movie each day as they deal with their own personal ghosts or demons. They are haunted by past events and have been unable to shake the bad memories or haunted dreams.

These folks may show up at work with bags under their eyes, or mention another sleepless night in passing. Perhaps they might have a short fuse as a result and take it out on some poor soul who happened to get on their bad side that day. Whatever it is, they need help!

If this describes you or someone you know, even a neighbor or an old friend or family member who needs to tackle those demons, give me a call. I can help.

With Love,

Abby Malnati


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