Father’s Day and Summer

Jun 20, 2020

Fathers and summer seem to go together. You see lots of BBQ advertizements this time of year with encouragement to get your dad all set up for the summer. It’s like a rite of passage!

However, fathers are unique. They don’t all like to BBQ. They come in all shapes, sizes, and temperments. Whether they are stern or kind, most are tasked with showing strength for the family and do double duty as the disciplinarian. Without fathers, none of us would be here! So, go out and find him the card (or BBQ tool set if that’s his thing) that’s right for him and flow him the love and admiration he deserves.

Communication can improve a tough situation between a father and his children or other family members. More and more I see fathers and families improving their communication through the use of the tech.

No matter what the concern, I know your life will go better when you have gotten your own auditing and made sure that your loved ones have gotten theirs!

That’s what we do. We help people resolve their stops and barriers  and get them up The Bridge®.

Give me call if you need a hand and I will help you move forwards.

With Love,

Abby Malnati


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