Communications Success!

Nov 26, 2019

Here is a recent success story you might enjoy.

“I gained a rather enhanced ability to communicate with anyone about anything. I’ve always considered myself to be an open communicator, great listener and always able to handle a“painful” discussion on tough subjects. This Communications process has taken this to another level.

“I have always considered myself to have the strength to listen to and process the thoughts, needs and challenges of others and provide solutions to their problems. It was always about others and less about me. In some strange way this seemed to be right – the right thing to do – but as I reflect on it I realize it was flawed thinking for when one does not treat oneself as a priority, then not only does oneself get compromised, but also those things that are closest, dearest and most important to oneself also suffer.

“If we cannot acknowledge and see ourselves, then how an we see what is dear and important to us?  How can we see, correct, communicate, confront and create with what is inside, with what we truly love?

“This Grade 0 opened my eyes about love for myself and in turn made me immediately see how important my family is to me and how important my friends are to me as well as my vocation where I share my expertise.

“I always believed I was acting in the greatest interest and in the greater good to Dynamics 3,4, and 5 without realizing, acknowledging and seeing the fundamental importance of being connected to me!

“I feel that this realization will only make me better at realizing and acting in good faith to the higher order dynamics. This foundation of being able to communicate freely in my fundamental first dynamic will only enhance the deepness of my second dynamic and enhancing all the others from there.

“I do not feel reservations about any forms of communication directly with others.  I can confront who I am and I see the love from those around. I see their choices from the viewpoint of love, forgiveness, tolerance, commitment and not giving up on communicating with me at any level.

“It’s not about regret, painful self-realization or guilt but rather its about a returned sense of creation and that comes from the clearing or cleaning up of the past. It’s about paving the way, opening doors, bringing down barriers to allow all forms of communication, on any subject without judgment. I have the intent to freely move forward. I feel compelled and resolved to build and create a life joy and happiness. I have a sense of being able to handle anything that is thrown in my way. By choosing goodness, grace and the certainty that comes from knowing and regaining oneself, I feel empowered to resume my creation of a special and meaningful life with my wife, family and friends. The good of all dynamics is enhanced because of this heightened sense of who I am.” — TD


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