Are You Living the Life You Want?

Apr 27, 2019

Spring break has come and gone. Passover and Easter are upon us with summer around the corner. This time of year reminds me how much I appreciate our native ability to break our chains, rise up from a bad situation and recreate our future. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we have a wonderful technology with Scientology® counseling to shake off those troubles and move forward.

Before you book up your summer schedules, take a few minutes to look at your life. Are you living the life you want? Are you happy with your progress? Need to refresh your goals?  If you are not satisfied, give me a call, I can help. We have an expert team to help you with any difficulties. We can help you work out plans for progress now or over the summer. Take your next step. Live the life you dream of. It is possible!

I want to share a delightful win with you. I think you’ll enjoy reading it below.

Call me today and let’s get you and your partner or a family member the help you have been looking for! I want to hear from you.

“I really enjoyed doing ARC Straightwire. As we went through it, I was excited about how many things I recalled that were in my past. I recalled several people and incidents I hadn’t thought of in years and in some cases incidents came back to me. I used to feel in the past that my memory was bad, but that’s not the case any longer. I’m remembering more and more and that’s exhilarating!

“Also, by remembering things I used to do and be good at, I realized I have put those things aside and now I want to do them again. The main things being creative things that I will undertake going forward.

“I believe that I have great ARC with others and myself. I can go on living my life with heightened awareness and excitement!

“Many thanks to my auditor Angelika for guiding me through this rundown and doing such an awesome job!”—GL


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