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Dianetics Auditing

"I just completed 2 full blocks of auditing (50 hours). I knew that once I finished the first block that I had started to discover some major suppressions that I had been living with in my life. I decided that this process was so helpful that I would immediately go right into the second block.

"Some of my wins were: I found out why I was so afraid and burdened with separation anxiety from my adopted mother, because during the process I was in utero and was in touch with my biological mother. She and I knew that we had to separate but were very sad and had a hard time saying good-bye to each other. This process helped me to get rid of and understand that separation anxiety. Another win was also when I was 1 day old, unbeknownst to everyone, my biological father came to visit me secretly in the nursery. This answered many questions that I had about my biological parents. I also was able to fully grieve the death of my adopted father and mother and my grandfather's deaths.

"I also got in touch with being a PTS from having been raised by a suppressive mother. I was able to get in touch with my very suppressed angry feelings toward her and get in touch with the truth I suppressed regarding not getting to her death-bed in time.

"This has been a life-saving experience for me! I know that I will want to continue auditing in the future to clear out more of these engrams that get in the way of truly being the best person that I can be."

- DC

"I really enjoyed my auditing. I got to talk about and handle any areas I had attention on. Now I feel really good about being a mom!

I used to be terrified of going through labor, but I had wanted to be a mom my whole life. After getting my auditing I wasn't scared and I even felt prepared for it. My labor was not the easiest, to put it lightly, and my biggest fear even came up, and I made it through without any misemotion. I now have an AMAZING daughter that was worth every moment of it all! Thank you Abby for assisting me in attaining one of my lifetime goals!"

- LL

"It has been a lifetime that I have had these feelings of not feeling worthy or competent. Reading, writing, spelling, learning and understanding materials has always been a HUGE struggle!!! I would rather die than read aloud or in front of others! Melissa worked with me and found the key to unlock this lifetime's anxiety. We worked to the point that it all started to lighten and start to fall away... I am very excited by the idea that this burden can be lifted off, if not just lightened. I am looking forward to seeing how this will change the way I venture into life. There is much work ahead for me and I want and need to be as strong as I can personally to accomplish my business and life goal. This sure feels like a solid foundation has been laid for this next segment in the journey of my life!

- SW

"Wow, what an interesting and enlightening session. With my auditor's help, I was able to see and feel my surgery in real time. I felt the heaviness of my hands, the pain from my IV and the incisions. It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined it would have been. I saw that the pain from the surgery was survivable and manageable. I also felt and KNEW in real time my great relief at it being over. I took deep happy breaths as I felt the knowledge of my being okay 'sink in'.

"I am so pleased with the feeling of peace and serenity that I now have in my conscious mind. I know that I will be here with my children and it is such a happy relief.

- SB

Life Repair

"Life Repair was so amazing!

"I am doing much better in life and just enjoying it more. I have much more confidence in myself now. I'm having a much better time in life!

"My Life Repair made it possible for me to see where my problems were coming from and why I wasn't doing that well before. It has really helped me see why I was having so much trouble. Because of my auditing I can communicate much better with people. I also can now see who my true friends are!

"I can't wait to start school again and use all the tools I learned from Life Repair. And I also can't wait to keep moving on my Bridge."

- BP

"I had spent 25 years diligently pursuing 12 step programs. In addition, I took up various 'therapies' throughout that time and while I benefited, with each I came to a point where I was no longer making progress. And so many of the old, troubling, counter-productive characteristics remained, although they had to a certain extent moderated. A good friend and business associate introduced me to Abby. Her care and concern for me was, and is, astonishing.

I began working with Abby on my Life Repair. In the second week of this I made more progress than I had in the previous decade!

Abby radiates joy from a place of centeredness. Her presence is an inspiration to me. And I know from the successes that I have experienced already, that I can have this joy if I continue to work with her. What can I say? Abby is an incredible human being. Knowing her has changed my life."

- PG

"What a great and amazing process! I feel great about the present and confident about the future. Almost can’t put it into words!!

"Wow! It’s great to know!! Be in present time stably and see all around me! I have a strengthened desire to confront and handle what’s in my environment. I am unwavering in my knowingness!

- NR

"Working with Abby through my Life Repair was awesome. She helped me understand about myself, the ways I was communicating and interacting with my family and friends and co-workers, and help me realize that if I want better, more productive relationships, it is all about communication. We ran drills which clearly showed me that I was communicating in such a way that wasn't me -- I was reacting!

"I was able to clearly see that if I want a better home, a successful business where we constantly exchange I need to think and act based on my Analytical mind -- that's ME! - the guy who loves his family so much and enjoys his co-workers and just wants to create wins for everyone I'm around. I'm grateful for a beautiful family and a successful, purposeful business.

"Life Repair helped me see it and I'm ready to put great things "in" with my family and business and dedicate my time to continually bettering myself through going up the Bridge. I want to not only survive but thrive with my family and business. It's very exciting! Thanks Abby.

- DS

Marriage Counseling

"I have had some really great wins concerning my marriage as a result of my Dianetics and Scientology auditing! For instance, I am actually able to discuss money issues with my husband calmly and rationally and this was definitely not the case a year ago! My greatly improved ability to communicate with others, not react, has boosted my real estate career to another level. I am much more capable and staying calm in stressful situations keeps the communication lines open and deals moving forward. A client last week told me I was 'a dream' to work with! I love it! I feel good, I'm sleeping well, I'm happy and I so appreciate my wonderful husband and just thinking about all the wins makes me smile! And I know I'm getting better and better. Very exciting!"

- KG

"It was with great relief today that I handled a traumatic argument that my husband and I had several years ago that nearly ruined our marriage. In session with Abby I had a huge 'AH HAH' moment when I realized what was at the bottom of this upset! I am left truly amazed at feeling so much affection and respect for my husband now. It has been wonderful for me to have this chance to save our marriage! I'm totally stoked about that!"

- SK

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